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Uses & Applications

Cable Hoses

Tree and Other Large Forestry

Large Machinery and Equipment

Metal tags can be used on large cable hose tags as a clear, legible, long-lasting part identification method. View our line of strip and cable tags here

Large metal plates are often used for tree tagging in the forestry and logging industry.  Colored plates are useful as easy sight identifiers. View our line of basic rectangular metal plates here Various sizes of metal plates and tags are ideal for large machinery and equipment identification, particularly in harsh working environments.  Take a look at our line of metal plates and tags to mark large machinery and equipment


Inventory Labeling

Tracking Parts

Tracking Work in Progress

Easily label and track inventory such as large steel beams, and other oversized construction and building material with various sized metal tags and plates Metal plates and tags are the most reliable method of tracking various sized parts throughout the manufacturing process.  Take a look at our small metal tags for part marking and traceability Track work-in-progress easily and effectively with metal plates and tags resistant to harsh indoor plant conditions and outdoor environmental impact. View our different sized metal tags and plates here