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Strip and Cable Tags

Strip and cable tags come in a variety of finishes and dimensions manufactured to ISO 9002 standards. Strip and cable tags are available with holes or slots for easy fastening to the product. Strip and cable tags are available as single tags or as scored break away tags in 2 up, 3 up, 4 up versions.

Strip and cable tags are a heavy-duty solution for identifying products and tracking work-in-progress for various applications. Metal strip and cable tags are chemical resistant and survive outside conditions for extended time periods and in extreme climate conditions.

Applications for strip and cable tags include tagging hydraulic hoses and lines, fire hoses, flexible pipes, tubing, tools, and vales for machinery identification, equipment maintenance logging, repair, testing, research, work-in-progress and general tagging. Industries using metal strip and cable tags include ship building, aircraft maintenance, hose manufacturers, cable manufacturers, etc.

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